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Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Guildhall » Rules for playing online (must read for all who play TH online)
Rules for playing online
Mordor Date: We, 2008-05-07, 17:47 | Message # 1
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All who play in thehellmod# network series must obey these rules for the good of us all.

Rule 1
: Do not steal items or gold from other players

Rule 2: Do not duplicate items from other players to benefit from other people's work

Rule 3: Do not insult other players and/or discourage them from playing

Rule 4: Do not use thehellmod# network series to play other games than TheHell mod (if you want to play other games, create other network, it's very easy)

People who violate these rules will be warned. If these violations continue, they will be banned.
Further suggestions:

Do not trust the people you just met and do not show them your precious items. They might as well disappear, leaving you only a sarcastic smile. Later, they will be banned but your item will be gone, too. Spend some time in combat together to know each other better.

TH is balanced so that you sometimes feel temptation to quarrel about who takes the new drop or the next shrine or who kills more/faster. Do what you want, but don't violate rule #3 while doing so.

Try not to play with people who have 32989 downloads running in background and cause you all to lag your asses off. That's no good. Either ask them to turn off all other applications while playing, or wish them good luck until they do so. Playing with lag is a killjoy and I personally advise against that.

Do not beg others for gold or items. If you want something from them, suggest something in return. If you have nothing to suggest then I assume you're trying to play with people who are far more experienced than you and you have to get some more experience and items first, and trade after that only. Don't just give your items or gold if someone begs you. If they can't play with you, then they need to train elsewhere instead of making you poor. Remember, if you try to coach someone or help them by giving items or gold for free, they will later spit in your face and laugh at you. This is human psychology and you have to count with it. In general, don't play a good daddy and have the balls to say 'NO'.

Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Guildhall » Rules for playing online (must read for all who play TH online)
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