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Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Hellforge » TH v1.54 is now available (New version of TH is released: Technical features)
TH v1.54 is now available
Mordor Date: We, 2007-10-31, 07:54 | Message # 1
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Группа: Alpha Dog
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Yeah I know, you didn't expect new version THAT quick wink

Actually, I'm surprised myself, but the amount of changes I managed to do in the last 3 days is really staggering... twisted

To make things more thrilling, I have to say I didn't keep track of the changes this time. It was a flow of mind and I didn't wanna stop to write down what I was doing at every step. You know, as one ma'am said in her book, 'It is good girls that keep diaries. Bad girls don't have time for this'.

Now that I'm over with self-excuses, let's move on to the change log:

+ Video support file added: now The Hell will always play 2 logo movies when starting (if it doesn't, report it ! );
+ Uber didn't play new 'imprisonment' speech as intended: fixed now;
+ Many improvements in dungeon object GFX;
+ Gave Abaddon better color;
+ 200+ changes in item GFX (various improvements, color adjustments, etc.);
+ Thorough Unique item section rebalancing (breathe deep, no bad morphing);
+ Further code optimization for free space and some other cool stuff;
+ Some silly bugfix with Krondor's Cudgel which didn't drop because it had no corresponding base item: now it's fixed of course;
+ Many other improvements that I don't even remember (keep cool, they're nice)

------curtain falls-------

Honestly, I have a feeling that 1.54 simply kicks ass! Really!


Mordor Date: Th, 2007-11-01, 13:22 | Message # 2
Full Plate
Группа: Alpha Dog
Посты: 4692
Репутация: 84
Статус: Offline
Here comes 1.54a:

+ Gladiator's starting stats changed from STR20-MAG0-DEX15-VIT25 to STR25-MAG0-DEX15-VIT20;
+ Gladiators now start with two heavy bones;
+ DLVL 1 monsters' tohit values lowered by 3%;
+ Buckler AC is changed from [5-6] to [1-4];
+ Targe AC is changed from [7-8] to [5-8];
+ All Church monsters will be Quadra Immune on Hellmode, beware of BoneWings as they are also *resistant* to HolyBolt;
+ Exoskeletons attack twice per melee attack;
+ Temptresses now have more fitting color;
+ Queen of Whores also received different color;
+ Galahad the Bonewhite now has a pack of Temptresses;
+ Isagarn renamed to Isagarn the Dogface, has new (read: better) color, has SC immunity, lower min damage, higher max damage, more HP;
+ TH ReadMe file updated

Mordor Date: Su, 2007-11-04, 06:54 | Message # 3
Full Plate
Группа: Alpha Dog
Посты: 4692
Репутация: 84
Статус: Offline

+ PvM melee max tohit = 89%;
+ New sound for Cauldron;
+ Warlord of Blood now will make almost no pauses when chasing and attacking;
+ Uber Diablo receives new sound set and greeting speech;
+ Leoric is given greeting speech;
+ Defiler, too, sometimes will greet players;
+ Izual: more HP, gained SC immunity, +2 to minimal damage value, +new special greeting speech;
+ Greeting speech for Lord Mordor;
+ Greeting speech for Gyfax the Slayer;
+ Amducian: quadra immunity, + greeting speech, +50HP;
+ Ur-Annon: greeting laughter added;
+ Greeting speech for Lord Of Torment;
+ Zabulon renamed to Zhar the Mad, will still appear only in MP, will have a pack of dark witches, will have greeting speech and characters will comment his death;
+ Arch-mage Malignus renamed to Zabulon;
+ Bile Demons now can cause critically high damage with their second attack, this will be painful but rare (to keep things in balance and make them dangerous enough on hellmode);
+ Varaya receives greeting speech;
+ Sarogyl the Decapitator: greeting laughter added;

Mordor Date: Th, 2007-11-08, 08:01 | Message # 4
Full Plate
Группа: Alpha Dog
Посты: 4692
Репутация: 84
Статус: Offline

+ Blacksmith Oil now restores ~50% of items' durability, up to the maximum of 25 points. It will, however, as before, raise item's max durability by 1 point if applied on a repaired item;
+ Varaya and her pack will cast Flash (in addition to their Arcane Star attacks) if you get close, and they'll instantly retreat in hidden mode if their HP get below 50%;
+ Varaya: +500 HP;
+ Lazarus now will cast Bone Spirit (beware: this damage is NOT capped at 255, it takes 1/3 of your life and it cannot be resisted), he'll still have phasing invulnerability, will phase away if HP get below 50%, and will cast Flash at melee distance;
+ Imp Rogues will no more retreat in hidden mode, but their retreat chances are greatly increased, and they attack using Fire Bolts now, Baranordes will still have his former attacktype;
+ Imp Rogues no more chase characters (this makes them a harder target for cornering purposes), but they still can open doors when retreating from you;
+ Dirt Demons charge without bending their neck, that kind of charge makes them differ from Abyss Demons and Obsidian Lords;
+ Snakes now can hit when charging and can stun with such hits, Blood Vipers will knock you back with such attacks and (with ~50% chance) again charge at you - beware;
+ Barons of Hell renamed to Slayers;
+ ex-Slayers renamed to Balrogs;
+ ex-Balrogs renamed to Vortex Rogues;
+ Gammorin's name expanded with "..the Hell Baron";
+ Vortex Rogues gain Lightning resistance on Horror/Purgatory difficulties;
+ Some monster data adjustments (polishing balance...);
+ Namorra will also throw fireballs, in addition to her melee attacks, her fellow bats will still only use melee attack, but they can charge (without hitting);
+ Beholders' missiles can be viewed now;
+ Abyss Guardians' and Uber Diablo's Apocalpse gfx can be viewed now;
+ Chimera receives full support for double-rated melee attacks (hits on frames 6 & 9);
+ Chimera: lowered primary damage a bit to compensate for double melee attacks;
+ Abyss Guardians will now inflict additional damage with their tentacles (hit on frames 5 & 10);
+ Abyss Guardians: lower minimum damage to compensate;
+ Blood Golem also receives double melee attack (hits on frames 9 & 13), and also has minimum damage lowered;
+ Huge Golem: same story (9 & 13);
+ Same with Death Angel, Skullwing, Storm Wings and Fiery WIngs (hit on frames 7 & 14), damages adjusted of course;
+ Aglamith will also cast Bone Spirit (watch your gear - those things can damage it);
+ Optimizing "no drops at death" feature gives 344 free bytes;
+ Second attempt applied to prevent other players from seeing naked characters after their restart in town (will need online tests though);
+ Chargers' ToHit = 950% now (you'd better get out of their way);
+ Items of Thorns will now do random 1-125 damage;
+ Spell trap tohit set to 120%;
+ LightRadius decrease on Mask of Anger set to 10%;
+ Battle Talisman: extra AC vs Undead replaced with Thorns (random 1-125 damage to attackers);
+ Armor Piercing effects have less power now

Mordor Date: Su, 2007-11-11, 14:23 | Message # 5
Full Plate
Группа: Alpha Dog
Посты: 4692
Репутация: 84
Статус: Offline

+ Death Angels: better color, hit recovery faster (6 > 5), +3 AC, less minHP, more maxHP, added support for 2nd animation;
+ Nephalon will lead a pack of Death Angels (no pause double melee attacks), and he himself will backup his double attacks with Inferno (won't cast it at melee distance though);
+ Nephalon the Cursed: color improved;
+ A lot of base- and unique item data was adjusted for better stun mechanics;
+ Corrupts do a bit mode damage;
+ Xorene will now always lead a pack of knights, and her appearance and attacktype will depend on the actual knight type (this brings more randomness to playing);
+ DLVL 13 seeding sizes adjusted for more randomness, and for decrease of boss numbers found together;
+ Gladiators do less damage with one or two swords (CLVL*STR/125), clubs still have their bonus (.../75), and axes are the best choice (especially for high VIT Gladiators);
+ More code optimization for free space;
+ Spawning trap bugfix;
+ Many blunt weapons' damage stats adjusted for better stun mechanics;
+ Greatly increased variety of monsters and bosses on DLVL 21;
+ Added 4 new bosses to DLVL 21 pool;
+ Vampirique renamed to Mindpiercer;
+ Barbariz renamed to Gorewhipper;
+ Leoric: attacks faster (10 > 9);
+ Diablo death animation improved;
+ New Thorns effect was reported to crash the game when equipped and hit by a monster, the effect removed for now;
+ Corrupt Order: new walking animation;
+ Corrupt Order: walking speed decreased (1 > 8), this actually makes them easier;
+ Corrupt Order: new idle animation;
+ Lazarus moved closer to his room entrance in Multiplayer

Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Hellforge » TH v1.54 is now available (New version of TH is released: Technical features)
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