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TH v1.57 is now available
Mordor Date: Su, 2007-12-30, 23:18 | Message # 1
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OK, here goes:


+ Players' melee damage is capped at CLVL*64, it's done to limit life & mana steal and to prevent too powerful hits from complex criticals (missile damage is still unlimited);
+ Chaos Bringer loses its demon slaying bonus;
+ Chaos Bringer: new image;
+ Gladiators attack faster when weilding axes: 9 > 8, this will make axes more desirable as a weapon when choosing between double swords/blunts or axes;
+ Gladiator GFX: updated axe attack animation, it no longer looks choppy;
+ Leoric's Tomb has been modified: fixed many tiles and removed the grates;
+ Shimmering Shrine turned out to have a wrong message: now it's fixed (Spirtual > Spiritual);
+ Murphy's Shrine is back: either damages an item (1/7 chance) or takes away 1/7 of your gold;
+ Glowing Shrine is back, only in Single-player, message updated;
+ Secluded Shrine is reactivated;
+ Spooky Shrine is back (only in Multiplayer of course);
+ Hidden Shrine is reactivated, only in Single-player;
+ Holy Shrine used to cast Phasing upon touching it (quite useless), now it will cast Etherealize making you invulnerable to melee damage for a while, only found in Single-player;
+ Badark the Dirty > Fleshgrind;
+ O-Yoroi > Embossed Mail;
+ Bulbad the Stupid > Sathgor;
+ Golem: - 10 MLVL;
+ Golem: spellbook damage display adjusted;
+ Flaming Knights: lightning resistance on Horror/Purgatory modes;
+ Uber Diablo: again magic resistance, and immune to everything else (now there's some sort of logical pattern in Rulers' resistances: Diablo - Fire, Defiler - Lite, Uber D - Magic);
+ Firebolt trap and Lightning trap now have very random damage that varies from low to very high;
+ Normal arrow traps do decent damage now - their damage no longer can be neglected;
+ Hydra: less charges on staves, higher mana cost, higher recharge cost;
+ Fixed damage display for Hydra in spellbook;
+ War Mace, Light Cane and Large Mace won't morph into Scale Plate Mail when put into inventory altogether (it was a bug, inherited from Hellfire's 'Reconstructed Note' quest);
+ Lightning Demons now do more damage with their lightnings (you'll need extra resistance to survive);
+ Balrog Demons and Hellhounds now do more damage with their firebreath (extra resistance will be needed);
+ Monsters do more damage with Flash now;
+ Burning Crosses now will inflict more damage, and that damage will increase with DLVL and difficulty mode;
+ Exploding Barrels now will do more damage [16-32];
+ Kabuto > Kabuto Helm, and magic name changed too: Kabuto > Helm;
+ Black Hulk > Black Golem, Blood Golem > Blood Hulk, Huge Golem > Greater Hulk, Rotting Corpse > Rotting Carcass, Grapterra > Familiar;
+ Hell Minion > Vortex Rogue, Vortex Rogue > Balrog, Balrog > Balor;
+ Balors: -200 minHP, +200 maxHP, +Knockback ability;
+ Many more monsters renamed;
+ Abyss Demons: gain Lightning resistance on Horror/Purgatory (they were too easy without it);
+ Fire- & Lite Ring spells now work correctly - you have to cast the spell just once and it will prevent non-immune monsters from entering the circle;
+ Fire- & Lite Ring spells: less mana cost at high SLVL, slower manacost decrease at SLVL increase;
+ Pacification Bracer: FHR > +ToHit% [10-30];
+ Aguinara's Vengeance: Healing Charges replaced with 2% Life Steal;
+ Norman Helmet > Skull Cap, Temptress > Dark Mistress;
+ Monk: higher damage with staves -> (CLVL*(STR+DEX))/100, and lower damage with other weapons -> (CLVL*(STR+DEX))/150;
+ Many monsters' resists adjusted (because of recent spell adjustments);
+ Halls of the Blind, Chamber of Bone: DUN file bugfixes and minor updates;
+ Max Resistance is now 80%;
+ Each Vitality point on items gives Monk 2,5 HPs (same bonus as for Paladin);
+ Ordoseris (fire shooting): +50% damage;
+ Poison Bats do less poison damage and their acis puddles do less damage also;
+ Poison Bats no longer have 'follow' feature;
+ Gotterdamerung: gives more resistance [15-25], lowers ToHit and Damage by 20%;
+ Some boss names used to wrap around after going to town and returning, or after reloading game: now fixed;
+ Sometimes Pepin didn't drop the reward item for finishing Poisoned Water Supply quest: now fixed;
+ Town map updated;
+ Multiplayer games of Horror Difficulty are restricted for CLVL 30+ players;
+ Multiplayer games of Purgatory Difficulty are restricted for CLVL 40+ players;
+ Modified character restart coordinates;
+ Modified XP reward for all monsters: monsters in Hell will give ~15% less XP, Abyss: ~20% less XP, and Crypt: ~25% less XP <- this will provide more balanced leveling;
+ Fixed bug that caused game crash because of bosses that used Bone Spirit attack;
+ The Cabalist receives different attacktype;
+ Aglamith will now cast charged bolts and will have a pack of melee attack spectres;
+ Aglamith: damage greatly increased because now damage is affected by ARD and can be resisted;
+ Credits updated;
+ Startup movie changed (IMO, it's better);
+ Rebalanced Purgatory mode monsters and bosses so that Church and Catas are now more fun (monster HP increased);
+ Doom mode will introduce great challenge, starting straight from Church, usually no monster on Doom mode will have less than 2000 HP;
+ Made sure that the overall balance wasn't hurt by the 2 changes above, but only Church and Catacombs monsters received a boost;
+ Monsters' AC modifier for Purgatory changed: +50 -> +40 (Doom mode still has +80 bonus);
+ Monsters do more damage with Flash now;
+ Slightly raised Magistrates' Fiery Blast damage;
+ Grim Reaper: fixed -10% Light Radius;
+ Soul Hunters: -200 minHP;
+ Blood Hulk: new colour;
+ Spell cast mana costs revised again;
+ Holy Bolt: min speed is 8, max speed is 50, raising SLVL will now have a nice impact on that thing (+2 speed per SLVL) and will make it less useful for non-caster classes;
+ Mud Golems and Bile Demons no longer try to retreat after getting stunned;
+ Pacification Bracer: +%ToHit is now [21-35];
+ Frost Signet: completely revised;
+ DLVL-8 monsters Seeding Sizes revised;
+ Secluded shrine will no longer appear in Multiplayer game;
+ -DFE & Resists revised on unique armors and shields;
+ Monsters' difficulty damage modifiers are revised so that Purgatory and Doom mode early level monsters won't be too easy anymore - even Purgatory Cathedral will be harder than Horror Hell or Abyss;
+ 3 More Goat Clans;
+ Less life & mana stealing to prevent too powerful leeching for high level characters;
+ Many monsters' damage revised;
+ Rage Lord > Horned Death;
+ Revision 84: rewrote some of character-based mana bonus code for free space;
+ Revision 87: reorganized some of Life & Mana dealing code for additional space;
+ Increased Life Stealing: +6% max stealing -> +3% max stealing;
+ Paladins' inherent melee tohit bonus lowered: 35% -> 20%;
+ Horror mode monsters now have less AC, Purgatory and Doom - much more (+75 & +150 respectively), and monster AC escalation is very well balanced now, Horror mode will be a little easier though;
+ Some monsters have their damage lowered for Horror mode and raised for higher difficulty modes;
+ Revision 104: various data changes for better difficulty balance;
+ Xalicalar receives activation sound;
+ Balthazar receives activation sound;
+ Duklin receives activation sound;
+ Greater Imps are given different soundset;
+ Gloom of Oblivion > Grasp of Oblivion;
+ Diablo receives activation sound;
+ Credits updated again;
+ Monsters' HP are modified for difficulties both in SP and in MP for the same amounts, but the fixed added bonuses differ (half of them in SP to keep things in balance);
+ Underworld's Heart: +[1-2] SLVL modified to +[10-20]% All Resists;
+ Centaliane receives activation sound;
+ Deactivated some of unused Theodore quest code and got 55 free bytes in return;
+ Grimspike receives activation sound;
+ Boars will sometimes roar from long distance, even if inactive;
+ Base monsters now give a bit less XP on Purg/Doom modes (~25% less XP), bosses give XP as before;
+ Monster Stun formula has been set to MLVL*4, which makes game balance MUCH better, but beware of the Rulers - some of them will require damage greater than 500 to stun them on Doom mode;
+ Subver.101: some routines were changed, re-changed and reorganized, which gave me 112 bytes of free space;
+ Banished were quadra immune on Doom Difficulty, now they are resistant to Magic (but still immune to Bone Spirit, as all Undeads);
+ Doom mode Church monsters' resists adjusted so that they won't become impossible for Mages who'd have to fight them with Holy Bolts (this might get fixed in next versions if Holy Bolt gets balanced well);
+ SubRevision #104: made a lot of free space (500+ bytes) by disabling some unused quest code and obsolete Command file code (Command.txt file now will have absolutely no influence on the game);
+ Familiars now are Demons (because Familiars are animal-shaped Demons);
+ Scavenging monsters now gain more life on higher difficulty modes;
+ Scavenging makes a monster go over his maxHP for about 5-10% (this makes higher difficulty gravediggers and ravagers a bit more difficult when found in packs)
----end of log----

Happy New Year by the way! wink

Koven Date: Th, 2008-01-03, 16:00 | Message # 2
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Quote (Mordor)
+ Murphy's Shrine is back: either damages an item (1/7 chance) or takes away 1/7 of your gold;

"Shrines are less negative, there is no real risk of touching them, feel free to do it" I really don't understand this change, before that, shrines were never negative, it was the sense of shrines in this mod, why this sudden modification ?

Quote (Mordor)
+ Less life & mana stealing to prevent too powerful leeching for high level characters

There is a bug, instead of obtaining mana at each hit, it actually removes it. My assassin, after few minutes had -900 Mana because of her Chamaleon (which steals 1% per hit).

Mordor Date: Fr, 2008-01-04, 17:47 | Message # 3
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Quote (Koven)
why this sudden modification ?

I have made decision to take human psychology into consideration: longing to possible pleasures through the probable punishment is more sweet and makes rewards taste better..

Quote (Koven)
There is a bug

Damn.. I'll have to investigate that.

upd: Yes, the value used to wrap around. I have fixed this issue, it wil be included in the next release. Thanks for report

Edited by Mordor - Fr, 2008-01-04, 18:59
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