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Diablo: The Hell
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Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Underworld » Multiplayer difficulty & character lvl
Multiplayer difficulty & character lvl
Pyriel Date: Mn, 2008-02-04, 03:30 | Message # 1
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Hi there,

first of all, great respect to Mordor and staff - this is the best mod for diablo i ever met (i play this game with some breaks since 1998 or so). I've installed it few days ago (my 2 friends also) and... we almost don't sleep, still talking about it and celebrating each unique or power item smile

Now i got single question about lvl limits on various difficulties.

Normal is for lvls 1 - 29, characters with higher lvls cannot enter here
Nightmare is for lvls 1 - ??, are there any further limits?
Hell is... now for me it's enough to be sure that it exist, zombies on 1st dungeon floor deals 200-250 dmg with up to 4000 hp points, so i suppose it's hardly reccomended to go there with only powerful characters.

Arcane powers brings destruction.
Mordor Date: Mn, 2008-02-04, 09:11 | Message # 2
Full Plate
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pleased to hear that)

as to the question, first off difficulties are called Horror, Purgatory and Doom wink

Horror is for CLVL 1-29, Purgatory is for CLVL 1-39, Doom can be entered by any CLVL characters but isn't recommended until you feel like managing it. However, I'm thinking about raising Purgatory restriction to clvl44, so that ppl will be forced to play Doom only after reaching clvl45. The reason for that might be that some people might just not gain enough powers by level 40 to manage Doom mode.

One thing that I'd warn against is entering higher difficulties with low age characters. There's a downside of this: even though you level faster you don't get the items powerful enough to take you further and increase your chances of getting stuck. The best way to play would be to play on Horror until level 30, then on Purgatory until level 40 or until you gain enough powerful items to protect you in final challenge.

Diablo: The Hell - forums » The Hell forum [ENG] » Underworld » Multiplayer difficulty & character lvl
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